About Me

Hi! My name is Nathan Forbes and I am the guy behind the lens. I am part time photographer and full time Civil Engineer here in Birmingham, AL.

I got my undergrad in Civil Engineering at Mississippi State University (Hail State!) and currently work as full time Engineering Intern (EI) serving the local community. I truly believe that God has given me a calling to build his kingdom using my Civ. E degree (literally) and through the relationships and daily conversations I get to invest in. Once the Lord revealed my purpose, I knew that I could use my right-brained creativeness and my God-given extrovertedness to make a difference through photography. 

I started taking photos in college on the ultimate frisbee field. I got injured and decided to pick up a teammates camera off the sideline and started shooting with it. Honestly, it was ALMOST as much fun as being out on the field, and that’s saying a lot! Ever since then, I’ve always been interested. I would borrow cameras from my friends just to take photos, and it was a blast! I bought my first camera in March 2018, and it only got better from there. I would buy lenses and return them just to see what they would do. I would keep the ones I liked if I could afford it and swap them with friends to creatively challenge each other. I was “that guy” who always brought the camera, and I wasn’t even mad about it. 

Who knew me getting injured on the sports scene would spark a passion that I’ll have for the rest of my life?? Over time, I discovered the more I drew near to the Lord, the more he drew near to me (John 4:8) later on revealing my purpose. And for that, I’ll always be thankful.